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The college search can be overwhelming without a general understanding of the process. Keeping in mind that new sites are created all the time, the internet listing below contains some places to get started. The guidance office also provides numerous books and a computer station. Students and Parents please remember to check the Junior and Senior Bulletins, parent group emails, and the guidance presentations in English classes held throughout the school year.

This is one of the most comprehensive college information sites. It includes complete information for all College Board tests and programs, a searchable database of colleges, financial aid information, a fee-based essay evaluation service, online shopping, and more.

This site provides separate databases for four-year colleges as well as community, technical, and junior colleges, with links to the actual web sites. The four-year college database is searchable by geography, tuition enrollment, and potential college major.

This is the link to the magazine's issue that ranks colleges and universities. It also includes listings of women's colleges, black colleges, and more. It features the top 25 schools in several categories taken from the magazine's America's Best Colleges.

This site is an excellent tool to assist students in planning for college, organizing information, applying, interviewing, researching colleges and financial aide, and offers valuable tips for parents.


ONLINE UNIVERSITIES GUIDE ( From the website: "The popularity of attending college on-line is growing by leaps and bounds. When the student says it's time for class, that can have some very convenient advantages. But there are some disadvantages, too. Visit these links for information that points to the reasons for the growth in on-line college enrollment, and to look at the pros and cons of taking an online course of study."

College search, downloadable FAFSA form:

College admissions questions/answers, medical and law schools, graduate schools and computer training programs:

College search, financial aid resources information and college payment options:

Combined bachelor to medical degree program information categorized by state:

If you're looking for advice from an expert on the college admissions process, you've come to the right place:

In depth info on college profiles, do custom college searching or collegiate athletics searching:

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