General Information and Graduation Requirements


In order to qualify for a state-endorsed diploma, a student must complete the selected program of study appropriate to his/her needs and abilities earning a minimum of 125 credits, successfully pass the NJ High School Proficiency Assessment, and comply with the district's attendance policy.

All courses offered for credit must be taken at the high school or board approved site within the parameters of Board policy. No courses may satisfy more than one of the requirements listed. Course expectations will be clearly set forth in writing for any course.

The Board of Education will provide opportunities for remediation to students who fail to meet required proficiencies.

Grade Assignments

Credits to become a Sophomore
Credits to become a Junior
Credits to become a Senior
Credits to qualify for graduation

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Graduation Requirements

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The NJ STARS program has recently changed its eligibility requirements. This scholarship program is exclusively for New Jersey residents that covers the cost of tuition and approved fees at New Jersey's 19 community colleges. Students who graduate in the top 15 percent of their high school class may be eligible.

For a full detailed explanation of the NJ STARS I and II program please visit,

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