Middle School Guidance

My name is Lauren Clark and I will be your child’s School Counselor during their middle school years at Gateway. I have been working here since 2006; the first seven as a Middle School Reading Teacher and since then, as the Middle School Counselor. I take a proactive approach to my counseling and am dedicated to providing you and your child with the information and assistance needed to ensure that their middle school years go as smoothly as possible.

Your child’s school day will consist of 8 periods: a two-period block of English Language Arts, a two-period block of Math, as well as single periods of Science, Social Studies, Physical Education/Health, and World Language/Cycle Program. Our World Language and Cycle Programs are run on a weekly rotating schedule (“A” week/”B” week). We offer three world language options including Spanish, French, and Latin. Our cycle program gives our middle school students a taste of the electives we have to offer in high school while allowing them to explore some of their own interests. These courses include Art (including digital art), Business, Family and Consumer Science, Music, Reading Study Skills, and Technology Education.

At Gateway Regional Middle School, academic achievement is our priority. If you find that your child is struggling we encourage you to reach out to his or teacher. All Gateway Faculty and Staff Members can be reached at the following email address: first name initial and last name @gatewayhs.com (flast@gatewayhs.com). I’d also encourage your child to take advantage of the supports we have to offer. Homework Clinic is offered every Wednesday after school in Room 205 with Mrs. Buehler. Language Arts Tutoring is offered every Tuesday and Wednesday after school in Room 309 with Mrs. Irwin (for eligible students). Math Tutoring is offered every Tuesday and Thursday after school in Room 209 with Ms. So (for eligible students). Students do not need to sign up in advance to attend. We also provide a “quiet lunch”/homework help twice a week during your child’s lunch.

I would like to emphasize the importance of our continued communication throughout the year with your child’s educational success in mind. By working together as a team we can ensure that our junior Gators have a fun, productive, and rewarding experience here at Gateway!

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with any concerns or questions that may arise throughout the year. I am available for conferences as well as one-on-one meetings for collaboration regarding your child’s specific needs.


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