Middle School Guidance

   Welcome to the Gateway Regional Middle School Guidance Page! My name is Lauren Clark and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child’s Guidance Counselor during their middle school years. I have been working at Gateway for the past seven years as a Middle School Reading Teacher and couldn’t be more excited and appreciative to start off my guidance career with such a great group of students! I take a proactive approach to my counseling and am dedicated to providing students and parents with the information and assistance they need to ensure that the middle school years go as smoothly as possible.

   I will be providing your child with individual counseling focusing on his/her academic progress, occupational interests, and personal/social issues as they may arise. It is my goal to make sure each student is challenged and supported in his/her classes, is prepared to enter high school with a future career sense, and feels safe and comfortable at Gateway Middle School. Should a student feel otherwise for any reason, I encourage them to speak to me so that we can work together to come to a productive and effective solution. As their parent/guardian, I also encourage you to join me in creating an effective plan to ensure your child’s success here at Gateway.

   Group counseling is also provided throughout the school year based on need. A carefully planned system of group guidance activities by counselors, teachers, social workers, student assistance coordinators, and administrators has been established at Gateway so that each pupil will be able to get the most out of his/her school life. I am able to offer your child several options that include assisting them in transitioning from elementary school to middle school, peer issues, and academic skills. If you feel your son/daughter might benefit from participating in a specific group, please contact me to find out about availability.

   Gateway also offers a myriad of sports and extra-curricular activities available to middle school students to ensure an involved and productive experience. In addition, different clubs are offered every marking period exclusively for middle school students. I am always nearby to help your child navigate which activities might interest them. I am also Gateway’s Renaissance Coordinator (a school-wide program that recognizes student achievements with incentives and rewards) and would invite your child to get involved with this program and all the fun it has to offer.

   I encourage you to stay connected with your child’s academic progress by visiting PowerSchool often. Upcoming assignments are usually listed and followed up with students’ grades posted punctually. I would like to emphasize the importance of our continued communication throughout the year with your child’s educational success in mind. By working together as a team we can ensure that our junior Gators have a fun, productive, and rewarding experience here at Gateway!  Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with any concerns or questions that may arise throughout the year at lclark@gatewayhs.com. I am available for conferences as well as one-on-one meetings for collaboration regarding your child’s specific needs.

General Information

Middle School Teams:

Mrs. Eckley- Science
Mrs. Genzano- Special Education
Mrs. Gibbons- Reading
Mrs. Irwin- English
Mrs. Johnson- Math
Ms. Mangiocco, Social Studies

Mrs. Buehler- English
Mrs. Busch- Special Education
Mr. Covely- Social Studies
Mrs. Gailliout- Math
Mrs. Keenan- Science
Ms. Wesolek- Reading

Mrs. Convey- Reading
Mrs. Loiseau- Special Education
Mrs. C. Evans- English
Mrs. Lynch- Science
Mr. Mandala- Social Studies
Ms. So- Math

Middle School PE, Cycle, World Language Teachers:

Mr. Brown, Mrs. Kenefick, Mr. Pasquarello- PE/Health
Mrs. Sheehan- Art
Mr. Straub- Band
Mrs. Dugary- Business
Mrs. Stanley- Chorus
Mrs. Muller & Mrs. Pierce-
Family and Consumer Science
Mr. Pasquarello- Life Skills
Mr. Better- Technology Education
Ms. Clanet- French
Ms. Horleman- Latin
Ms. Lee- Spanish

Parent Resources

Help Hotlines- This list is comprised of websites and phone numbers to assist a wide variety of needs.

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