Student accomplishments

Gators of the Month
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Each month, two faculty selection committees, one for the middle school and another for the senior high, meet to review students nominated for the “Gator-of-the-Month” award. Students are selected on the basis of citizenship, academic effort, and participation in school activities. Two students from the senior high and four from the middle school (one from each team) are selected for the award and are honored at the Board of Education meeting.
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October Gators of the MonthOctober Gators (l-r) Lea Triantafillou, Nicole Hanson, Paul Calhoun, Alex Garcia, Kaitlyn Zuzulock and Devon Burkett.

November Gators

November Gators (l-r): Tyler Conley, John Reilly, Leah Cohen, Abigail Moniz, Patrick Blundell and Brittany Hudson.

December Gators

December Gators (l-r): Jake Sholders, Alexandra McNally, Alex Judson, Nina Grassia, Lauren Myers and Kristin Jennings.

Freshman Class Officers (l-r) are: Keri Hauser, Treasurer; Kellie VanderMeer, Vice-President; Katie Moniz, Secretary; and Sophie Morris, President.

Sophomore Class Officers (l-r) are: Ava DeFrancesco, President; Christina Norris, Vice-President; Courtney Judson, Treasurer; Kate Christensen, Secretary and Emily Hinkson, Sergeant at Arms.

Junior Class Officers are: (l-r top) Lexi Gratton, Vice-President; Charlotte Santo, Secretary; and (l-r bottom) Autumn Quinn, President and Shanyn Fleming, Treasurer.

Senior Class Officers are (l-r): Sean O’Brien, Treasurer; Peggy Nicolle, Vice-President; Laura Rathof, President; Andrew Gielda, Sergeant at Arms and Roger Letzgus, Secretary.

Builder's Club
Gets Creative

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Gateway Builder’s Club students happily display the Santa hats they created for individuals with developmental disabilities at the Arc of Gloucester County in West Deptford.  Under the guidance of club advisor, Mrs. Liz Buehler, students attended after-school workshops, working in teams, in order to complete their United Way projects in plenty of time for the holidays.

Gateway Recognizes Violence Awareness Week

During the week of October 3rd  through October 7th,  Gateway sponsored activities and events to promote respect among students as well as increase awareness of different ways to both prevent and protect against incidents of violence.  During the week, activities were planned and information disseminated.

    Activities included:

  • Class meetings with students to discuss conflict resolution, communication, gender difference and motivation;
  • Various videos and skits on bullying and how it can affect others;
  • A peace pledge campaign to make students aware of school violence issues and pledge to do their part to prevent school violence;
  • Lessons on character education;
  • Dissemination of information to parents, teachers and students throughout the week;
  • Special bully prevention workshops for faculty, staff and parents.

Important Dates
Date Event
March 7 Senior Trip Parent Presentation – 7:00 p.m.
March 15,16, 17 Spring Musical- Suessical The Musical
March 24-27 Senior Trip.
March 29 Half Day – Early Dismissal
April 5 Senior Citizen Dinner Dance – 4-6 p.m.
April 6-13 Spring Break – School Closed

Gateway Students and Staff help during the holidays

Faculty and staff dug deep this year to purchase gifts for families in need. The Renaissance Wrapping Committee, under the guidance of Mrs. Allison Kaufmann (advisor), wrapped and decorated the holiday gift packages as an after-school activity. Students donated their time and talents to a great cause. 

Pictured are (l-r) Katie Black, Amber Kolesinski and Brittany McCullough.

National Honor Society Annual Food Drive

National Honor Society students (above) hosted the annual Holiday Food Drive  under the guidance of Mr. Jonathan Lancaster (advisor).  In the true holiday spirit, students collected, sorted, purchased, and distributed food baskets to families in need.  Pictured (l-r) are Shanyn Fleming, Rachel Mezis, Jamie Connelly, Lexi Gratton, Julie Kowalski, Autumn Quinn, Alex Judson, Mr. Lancaster, Ken Wenner, Alex Afflerbach, Breanna Carey, Mrs. Kaufmann and Katie Black.

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Gateway Middle School Choir Holiday Concert

Over 60 middle school music students from Gateway performed a wonderfully entertaining concert to a packed auditorium in December. With their high level of talent, the students presented an exceptional quality performance in both band and chorus to an appreciative audience.  The following day, they presented a matinee production to the fifth and sixth grade elementary students from our sending districts, inspiring those who are eagerly looking forward to joining Gateway’s enchanted music department next year.  Photos above are from the event.

School Wide News

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Student Council Blood Drive:

Gateway Celebrates Red Ribbon Week:

Staff and students recognized Red Ribbon Week, an event designed to support a drug-free lifestyle. Red Ribbon Week was started in honor of Enrique Camarena, the drug enforcement agent killed by drug traffickers in Mexico in 1985, and the red ribbon has become a symbol of the drug-free movement. Read More...

Gateway Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Staff and students recognized Red Ribbon Week, an event designed to support a drug-free lifestyle. Red Ribbon Week was started in honor of Enrique Camarena, the drug enforcement agent killed by drug traffickers in Mexico in 1985, and the red ribbon has become a symbol of the drug-free movement.

Gateway’s celebration for Red Ribbon Week ran October 24th through October 28th and included many events. The theme this year was “Stay on Track for Success – Drug Free”. The week kicked off with students receiving red ribbons, erasers and bracelets with anti-drug slogans. Students learned about drug and alcohol prevention by playing Jeopardy and participating in interviews with guidance counselors. Students in grades seven through nine signed pledges during their lunches to be drug free and, of course, the entire staff and student body wore red to support the week.

Special thanks to the Municipal Alliance Committees of Woodbury Heights, Wenonah, Westville, and National Park for sponsoring events during the week.

Career Day at Gateway

December 2nd marked the first annual Career Day at Gateway, which was a huge success.  Various speakers with diverse careers donated their time and talents to participate in this event.  Students in grades 7-11 gained insights into 16 career clusters that were determined by the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.  Read More...

Career Day at Gateway

December 2nd marked the first annual Career Day at Gateway, which was a huge success.  Various speakers with diverse careers donated their time and talents to participate in this event.  Students in grades 7-11 gained insights into 16 career clusters that were determined by the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

In addition to hearing from guest speakers, seniors had the opportunity to shadow employers off-campus as well as visit colleges they might be interested in.  There was also a mini college fair where seniors could get information on colleges and trade schools.

Special guests: New Jersey State  Assemblyman John Burzichelli and Chief-of-Staff Michelle Coryell, a Gateway graduate,  highlighted the event. 

Other speakers (not pictured) included Scott Pearlman, Chief of Police; Pat Weikart, Minister; Ralph Citarella, Jr., Entomologist; Keith Simpkins, Platoon Leader; Jeanne Castignelli, Nursing Supervisor; Matt Miller, Attorney; Jonathan Olivia, Staff Engineer; Chris Ann Ceraso, Gateway Teacher/Support; Bill Ceraso, Optometrist; Jeff Wenner, Project Engineer; Blake Summerfield, Phillies Sales Representative; Honorable Renee Bumb, US District Judge; David Dorworth, Commercial Pilot; Nick DiBiasio, Patrolman; Edward Cridge, Attorney; Laura Afflerbach Boring, Division of Youth and Family Services; Lamarcus Robinson, US Navy Recruiter; Alexander Parris, Sergeant First Class, US Army; Raymond Taylor, Sergeant, US Army.
Gateway Alumni: John Krasting, Meteorologist; Harold Holmstrom, Patrolman; Janis Freas-Papa, Trauma Nurse; Erika Gabel, Hospitality Management; Keith Wyckoff, Dentist; Katie Ryan, Robins Nest Counselor; Jen Cohen, Business Owner; Mike Contarino, Lawyer; Ken Murphy, Vice-President; Cindy Cipriani, Remodeling Construction; Irene Gasis, Accountant; Karen McQuade-Bell, Director of Audiology; Kristy Straub, Owner/Operator Syllipsy Photography.

Gateway Parents: Brett Scull, councilman and vending machine owner/operator; Robert Kirschner, Engineer; Julie Ream, Art Conservationist; Pat Ream, Air Traffic Controller; Carl Hausman, PhD., Professor of Journalism, television anchor, talk show host; Dr. George Romeo, Accounting Professor; Michele Peraino, Artist; Kirk Kendall, Senior Engineer.

Career Day Photos


Varsity Club Athletes-of-the-Month from October through January

Renaissance Students and Staff from November through February

More News and Noteworthy


Gateway Regional really got into the spirit of the Halloween season this year.  After viewing the following photos you may tend to agree that there were many original, creative and innovative costume ideas from the Gateway student body, staff, and faculty members.

Thumb nails of school wide events Thumb nails of school wide events

What Else is Happening?

Guidance Corner
Want to find out more about Preparing for college? want to learn more about the act or sat tests? Read More here...

National Honor Society officers for the 2011/2012 school year are: (l-r) (l-r) Nick Lamb, Autumn Quinn, Shanyn Fleming, Breanna Carey, and Nick Varquez.

National Honor Society Criteria

    Pursuant to school board policy, a description of the National Honor Society selection procedure must be published annually and made available to all students and parents of the school.  This selection procedure has been determined by the faculty members involved in making the selections, the NHS chapter advisor, and the school principal.  The procedure is approved by the Board of Education and is consistent with rules and regulations of the national organization of the NHS.

    Membership in the local chapter is an honor bestowed upon a student.  Selection for membership is by a faculty council and is based on the student’s outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service:


  • To be eligible for membership, the applicant must be a member of the junior or senior class;
  • Candidates must have been in attendance at the school for one semester;
  • Candidates must have a cumulative scholastic average of at least 88 percent;
  • Candidates are then evaluated on the basis of service, leadership and character;
  • A list of all eligible juniors and seniors based on the academic criteria above is provided to faculty;
  • Simultaneously, students who are academically eligible are notified and told that for further consideration for selection to the NHS chapter, they must complete and submit a student survey from, which allows them to delineate their service, leadership, and character;
  • Faculty members complete separate forms for candidates on which they comment upon each candidate’s leadership, service, and character to the best of their knowledge;
  • Once all data is gathered, the members of the faculty council for selection meet to review each candidate and to make the actual selection; and
  • All circumstances are reviewed when considering each student.  Those receiving a majority vote of the faculty council are chosen for induction.

Guidance News:

    Gateway Regional High School guidance services provide links to Internet website listings pertaining to college searches, college financial aid, career interest exploration, job hunting and resume writing to all students and their parents.  Students may access Internet sites in school and discuss the results with their parents and guidance counselors. 

     The following are examples of career, college search and financial aid websites on the Internet:

  •  ACT test and college search options;
  •  Interest questionnaire and career title descriptions; SAT registration;
  • Job search site listing, resume writing information, job interview preperation;
  • Search for four-year and two-year colleges, technical schools;
  •  loans, scholarships, military aid, grants, financial aid applications information, college cost projection;
  •  Financial Aid Form for Student Assistance (FAFSA) completed on-line.


Guidance Notes:

    All students who request official transcripts to be sent to any colleges, scholarships, summer programs, etc. will be asked to complete a transcript request form in order to document where and when transcripts are sent.  Students and their parents will be required to sign the form authorizing transcripts to be sent.  Seniors will receive this form in early September in their English classes.  This form can currently be found on the guidance department website at

Graduates will also have to complete a transcript release form.

Connect With Your Child’s School Guidance Counselor

    Please ensure that your child has a successful school year by connecting with his/her appointed school guidance counselor.  Gateway’s skilled counselors are trained to assist you in all student needs, including parental/social issues, academics and career development.  We encourage you to reach out to your counselor to discuss these areas as well as any concerns you may have.  Established, regular communication between the school and the home is a valuable connection for the benefit of the student.  As a parent, you have essential information that might further assist counselors in meeting the needs of your student.  By contacting your child’s counselor at least three times a year, you can help to ensure a positive school experience.  If your child is having problems at school, his/her counselor will discuss resources available within the school as well as in the community.
    Counselors can be reached via telephone or email, or by scheduling a meeting.  Gateway’s guidance counselors look forward to hearing from you at any time.  Please allow them to continue to be a part of your child’s Gateway career.

If Your Child Is Having Academic Difficulty

  • Contact the teacher or guidance counselor.  Discuss the problem and ask about referring your child to the Intervention and Referral Service (I&RS)
  • The I&RS is a problem-solving group made up of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and child study team personnel.  This process will result in specific suggestions to assist your child in school.  Teachers and parents can refer a student to I&RS if they are experiencing significant problems in school.
  • One possible outcome of I&RS is a referral to the child study team.  This may occur if there is a concern that an educational disability is hindering a student’s school success.
  • If your child is referred to the child study team, you will receive a written invitation to attend a meeting to determine whether an evaluation will be conducted, as well as to outline your parental rights in this process.
  • If an evaluation is warranted and parental permission is granted, an evaluation plan is developed to determine if your child is eligible to receive special education services.

How To Raise SAT/ACT Scores
Research studies on the best ways to raise SAT/ACT scores suggest the following:

  • There is no substitute for preparation.  That means students need to take challenging courses, read extensively from a variety of materials, learn new subjects and make a conscious effort to learn new vocabulary;
  • Test practice is the best way to improve SAT and ACT scores.  Previous forms of the test should be available in local libraries or visit on the Internet.  Students need to take the tests in the time allowed, identify weaknesses, and review weak areas;
  • offers free online practice tests and SAT questions of the day emailed to you;
  • Students do not need to take expensive coaching services to improve scores.  Parents need to be aware that not all methods of test preparation are worth the time and money they require;
  • Parents and students should be skeptical of any class, tutor, or book that promises dramatic improvement.


Don’t forget, the ACT is another excellent test option for college.

The following are the ACT and SAT test dates

ACT Test Dates

Test Date
April 14, 2012 
March 9, 2012
June 9, 2012
May 04, 2012

SAT Test Dates

Test Date
May 05, 2012 
April 06, 2012
June 02, 2012  
May 08, 2012

Parent's Corner
Parent Meeting schedule, affirmative action questions, and curriculum information can be found to read more...

Emergency School Closing Info

Emergency Closing Information
KYW Radio - School Closing #800
Comcast Channel 13
Gateway Website

Parent Group Meetings

Gateway’s Parent Group is a program for fostering open lines of communication between the school and the community. Each month we plan to feature various topics as well as activities suggested by parents. Please make every effort to join us each month. An open line of communication is one of the essential keys to an effective school. Let us work together to ensure the success of our Gateway students.

The middle school meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month in the Media Center from 6:30 – 8:00 on the following dates: March 7th, April 4th, and May 2nd.

The high school meetings will be held in the Media Center from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on March 21st.

Project Graduation

Meetings will be held in room 115 (across from the Main Office) on March 13th, April 3rd , May 8th, and June 12th at 7:00 p.m. Any questions, please call Lori Kirkbride at 853-0423 or email Please come out and help plan the Grande Finale party for the class of 2012.


Staff News
The Faculty has been working hard this year...Click here to See what our staff is up to...

Staff News

Soup-er Bowl Friday? That’s right-Gateway staff and faculty celebrated their own version of a Super-Bowl party on Friday, February 3rd. Participating members prepared their favorite soup; staff and faculty donated money to sample the soups and vote on their favorite. Proceeds were raised for the Renaissance program – a win/win situation for all! Pictured above are (clockwise) Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Buehler, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Mandala, Mr. Skinner, Mr. Covely and Mrs. Albano.

Oh, who had the winning entry? Mrs. Stewart took home the Golden Ladle with her famous Chicken Tortilla soup

Staff Tidbits

  • Dr. Holly Bush, science teacher and Dr. Catherine Pinto, reading teacher, conducted a special presentation at the South Jersey Literacy “March In Literacy” conference in November. They presented on ‘Strategies for Developing Comprehension’ for both language arts and content areas.

  • Dr. Catherine Pinto, in addition to presenting in November, was co-creator of the Critical Literacy Survey (CLS), in conjunction with Lucy Haney and Catherine McGeehan. The CLS is designed to record and measure student responses to questions regarding the use and value of critical reading strategies. The results can then be used for monitoring progress and planning intervention activities.

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Robyn Danza on completing the Philadelphia Marathon in November in 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Middle School News
The Faculty has been working hard this year...Click here to See what our staff is up to...

Middle School News

Middle school teachers Mrs. Lynch (background) and Mrs. Convey (front) take a pie in the face from students Sam Meyer (background) and Eric Holmstrom (front) in a good-natured fundraising activity. After students voted for the teacher of their choice, Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Convey, good sports that they are, won[?] the contest. Proceeds went into a fund to help finance future middle school activities.

Gateway’s second annual Mix It Up Day was an obvious success, encouraging students to meet new people in their grade and turn them into new friends. When we mix things up we have more opportunities to learn, explore and enjoy experiences that we may not otherwise have. Students pictured are (l-r): Meredith Simpson, Gabrielle Haynes, Emily Fuhrmann, Fallon Schomber, Maddie Kendall, and Autumn Murphy.

Middle school students dance to the music as they rev up school spirit during the pep rally in November.

2004 graduate, Stephanie Nitschke pays homage to her alma mater as she gives a presentation to Mr. Covely’s middle school social studies classes on her experiences in Africa. As part of her graduate studies, Ms. Nitschke spent six months in Africa interning with the Women of Uganda Network International Division. She kept students captivated with accounts of local foods, customs, and lifestyles. Students were intrigued to learn that paying to ride on the back of someone’s bicycle is a popular mode of transportation, that children carry live chickens home from market to be slaughtered for their dinner and that people who are fortunate enough to drive a vehicle park haphazardly and wherever they please. Ms. Nitschke will be returning to Africa at the end of February to work with Samaritan’s Purse, a different group. She has a sister in seventh grade, Starr, who will be missing the sister she is so proud of and looking forward to her return to the United States once again.

Department News
Ever wonder what's going on in the classrooms throughout our school? Click here to see what the Music, Science, and History Departments have been doing...

Family and Consumer Sciences

Senior citizens enjoy a snack of specialty breads and punch prepared for them by Mrs. Muller’s culinary arts classes before enjoying this year’s fall play, The High-Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Chef John Neugebauer, a culinary specialist from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, gives an informative presentation on the Art Institute and its culinary program to students from Mrs. Muller’s and Mrs. Pierce’s Life Skills/Gourmet and Independent Living classes. In this photo, he gives a demonstration on preparing the perfect lo mein to complement any Asian dish.

Creating decorative graham cracker houses for the holiday is a favorite activity of the Independent Living class. Russell Hall (l) and Megan Crowley (r) work diligently on the designs for their individual houses as the deadline draws near.


Mr. Harris’ science students (clockwise) Domenic Marchione, Joey Conboy, Austin Sanders, Mr. Harris, Alex Gilman, and Marissa Mastrando learn a multicultural lesson on Hanukkhah during the holidays. Pictured are the students having fun experimenting with the dreidel game. Other activities include exploring the various designs of menorahs and sampling home-made latkes.


Gateway students stop by the library to observe and admire art department paintings displayed by their fellow classmates. This exhibit featured the works of Julie Kowalski, Theresa Finocchiaro, and Katie Muller.

Language Arts

Several of Mrs. Kane’s high school Reading students who read at least one book per marking period were celebrated with a pizza party lunch. (clockwise from left) Karen Cruz, Jackie Lloyd, Angelina Wofford, and Marissa Mastrando.

Club News
Our students loved to be involved in clubs. Click here to see what the some of our clubs are doing this year...

Club News

Gateway Regional High School’s Leo Club students huddle together to stay warm while serving refreshments at the Westville Lions Club annual tree-lighting ceremony in December. Pictured from left are: Alex Gilman, Becky Keck, Michelle Schuster, Talia Feltman, Shay Little, Matt Baraniewicz, Ellie Grannan, Caitlyn Heister, Katelyn Ubil, Fallon Sparks, Mallory Collins, Amber Kolesinski, Katelyn Lynch, and Diana Abrams.

Builder’s Club students, under the guidance of club advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Buehler, created Thanksgiving cards and homemade baked goods to present to Ms. Debra Barlow for patients of the Caring Hospice organization in Mt. Laurel. Ms. Barlow attended Gateway on November 7th to speak to Builder’s Club members about what hospice care is and the important function it holds in our society. Students pictured (l-r) are: Alyssa Carpo, Sam Hart, Shaylyn Mayer, Taylor Harrison, Tatiana Smith, Nicolette Taylor, Mercedes Baxter, and Kristine Hagerthey.

Leo Club officers (l-r): Katelyn Lynch, Mallory Collins, Amber Kolesinski, and Michelle Schuster

Key Club officers (l-r): Courtney Croft, Brittany Hudson, and Kristina Perdicaro

Builders Club members worked after school making and packaging 300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be donated to the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. The sandwiches are distributed to those in need during the times when meal services are not provided. Pictured (l-r) are: Julie McNally, Miss Liz Fago (student teacher), Emily McCullough, Sarah Pellegrino, Alyssa Carpo, Claire Klaus, and Madeline Helmbrecht.

NJJCL (New Jersey Junior Classical League) state officers (l-r): Autumn Quinn, Mandy O’Neill, Christina Norris, and Madison Royal.

Latin club officers (top row l-r): Mandy O’Neill, Christina Norris, Madison Royal, Sherri Hall, Madison Shinn; (bottom row l-r) Autumn Quinn, Christina Pellegrino, and Alexis Gratton

Latin Club News

The Gateway Latin Club has participated in a full schedule of events this year. In November, club members were proud to host over 200 Latin students and teachers at the highly competitive Venus de Volleyball NJJCL Tournament. Even though the trophy went to Clearview Regional, the Latin Gators had a great time organizing the event and running other competitions such as Pin the Snake on Medusa and Pin the Ear on Caesar. A special service project, a game night to which all language clubs are invited, is being planned to raise funds for the NJJCL Victoria Rose Foundation project. This organization raises funds to equip teen lounges in hospitals around the country. Currently lounges are being readied at Virtua Hospital and CHOP.

Latin students again did their best to keep the world healthy by holding a sale of gift-boxed citrus fruit as holiday presents. At their Saturnalia Party students decorated with Roman inspired ornaments, welcomed Saturn Claus, and raised funds for the National Honor Society food drive with a Rent-A-Roman auction. The group enjoyed joining other Gateway language clubs for ice skating at the Blue Cross River Rink on a cold January evening. Along academic lines, Certamen (Latin Bowl) teams have been practicing for the March competition held at Princeton University, and all Latin students will take the National Latin Exam in February.

The Club is now planning for the inter-Latin class Olympic Games, the spring Roman banquet, and a Saturday trip to New York City for sight-seeing and a Broadway show. The highlight of the year, however, will be the annual NJ JCL State Convention which will be hosted by Franklin High School in May. At the convention, students will compete in various graphic arts, creative arts, academic, and athletic contests. Gateway Latin students thus have numerous opportunities to showcase their individual talents in many varieties of competition. This year’s officers have done an outstanding job of keeping the classics alive and vibrant at Gateway.

Students in the News

Student Wins Award

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Mr. Steve Hindman, Principal, presents sophomore Chloe Patrick with an award from the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) for her participation in a national essay contest on “What Freedom of Speech Means to Me”. Chosen as the winner among all 10th grade students, Chloe is now eligible to compete in the next division of the competition with participants from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The Madrigals Stroll the Halls

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Did You Know...

  • CAUGHT RED-HANDED with their Renaissance cards were Bryton Cooper and Anthony Sawchyn. Getting caught with your Renaissance card has its privileges – both young men were presented with two tickets each to the Snowball Dance from Renaissance advisor, Mrs. Genzano.

  • In December, for his performance in the Woodbury game, the Touchdown Club named Tim Greene ‘Buck of the Week’.

  • Middle school students, in conjunction with the cafeteria ladies and Mrs. Muller, will participate in a culinary competition that will be held in March. After this competition, winners will have an opportunity to move onto the national competition.

  • Anthony Colofranson was named Gloucester County Boys Soccer Player of the Year.

  • The Ragin’ Gators Marching Band placed first in Group 1A in the Tournament of Bands New Jersey State Championships with a score of 86.7 and for getting awards for the best percussion, best music, best guard, and best visual.

  • Many students were honored with STOMP (Student of the Marking Period) awards for the first semester. Click below to read more and see the full list of winners.


Fall Play Favorites

In November, Gateway presented the fall play, The High-Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy. This delightful rendition treated guests to the exceptional performances of our talented students, who did an outstanding job. Click to read more and see photos from the play...

The High-Schoolers Guide to the Galaxy

The play depicted four middle school students anxiously anticipating the fast-approaching first day of their freshman year of high school. The cast members delighted the audience with their interpretations of the humorous and worrisome ordeals that the apprehensive students imagined themselves having to deal with in the coming days.

Gym class is bad enough without having everyone witness how badly you’ve mangled your chest when shaving it. Pictured (l-r) are gym students Greta Colman and Eddie Gilbert; gym teacher Nick Guaglione; and student with shaved chest Jarrod Cupp.

Oh no, here come the fashionista girls! While new freshman student Matt Baraniewicz (l) proudly sports his unique style (purchased from the Good Will store) the fashionista girls (l-r) Kailyn Sooy, Rainy Greer, and Olivia Kearns make sure to publicly humiliate anyone who is not dressed to their specifications.

OK, if you can’t beat them, join them! Teacher Maeve Armstrong observes as English teacher Christina Pellegrino takes up the yoga lotus position to deal with classroom stress. Students (l-r) Kyle Lloyd, Helena McBride, Madison Shinn, and Kelsey Hollin sure are paying attention now!

The cafeteria lady, Erin Coleman, is scary! Once you hear what she has to say, you’ll never eat cafeteria food again! (No more hamburgers for me!)

Clubs are fun – for some, anyway. French club students (far left) Kailyn Sooy and Damara Peraino have no interest in letting Chris Gillespie (far right) join their club. If you were at the play, you know what he did to get even!

Sometimes, staying home on Saturday night is preferable to having a date with the wrong person, as Natalie Poirier (l) finds out when she goes to a movie with Jarrod Cupps (r). Doesn’t she look like she’s having fun?!?

Bully (l) Jarrod Cupps isn’t so tough when student (r) Sean McCall hits back in self-defense. And are those our resident fashionista girls (l-r) Kailyn Sooy, Rainy Greer, and Olivia Kearns in the background enjoying the show?

Maeve Armstrong (l) and Courtney Pote (r) do a scene about interviewing for a job with a tough interviewer and a hopeful interviewee. Courtney was a prime example of the boss that no one wants to deal with. Both girls also served as narrators throughout the entire play.

Eddie Gilbert portrays a student who graduates and lands a job driving the school bus. His one-man act depicting the problems he encounters with some of the students and other drivers, as well as his own out-of-control personality, was phenomenal.

Gateway's Colonial Conference
First Team All-Stars Fall 2011:

Boys Soccer: 
Anthony Colofranson – Forward
Ryan Gavin – Midfielder
Connor Moran – Defense

Girls Soccer:
Alisha Fox – Forward
Alex Afflerbach – Defense

Field Hockey:
Natalie Knauer – Forward
Julie Kowalskiand Bree Carey – Midfielders 
Erin Kirkbride – Back
Courtney Pote – Goalie

Kevin Montgomery – Defensive Line

Students in the News

Did You Know...

  • CAUGHT RED-HANDED with their Renaissance cards were Bryton Cooper and Anthony Sawchyn. Getting caught with your Renaissance card has its privileges – both young men were presented with two tickets each to the Snowball Dance from Renaissance advisor, Mrs. Genzano.

  • In December, for his performance in the Woodbury game, the Touchdown Club named Tim Greene ‘Buck of the Week’.

  • Middle school students, in conjunction with the cafeteria ladies and Mrs. Muller, will participate in a culinary competition that will be held in March. After this competition, winners will have an opportunity to move onto the national competition.

  • Anthony Colofranson was named Gloucester County Boys Soccer Player of the Year.

  • The Ragin’ Gators Marching Band placed first in Group 1A in the Tournament of Bands New Jersey State Championships with a score of 86.7 and for getting awards for the best percussion, best music, best guard, and best visual.

  • Students who were honored with STOMP (Student of the Marking Period) awards for the first semester are: Sam Afflerbach, Kylie Armstrong, Logan Bersani, Cory Brown, Matt Cesarano, Tyler Conley, Alicia Coombs, Nick Cooper, Mike Corrao, Vinny DeFrancesco, Michelle Devereaux, Christian Dugan, Jason Esposito, Khrisantony Figueroa, Gabby Franklin, Tyler Galante, Evan Galczynski, Christian Gillespie, Jake Goral, Brian Hampton, Jean Harris, Hunter Hess, Nazrul Islam, Kristin Jennings, Abbi Karper, Rhyan Kelleher, Amber Kolesinski, Mikaela Lightcap, Jackie Lloyd, Olivia Lombardo, Will Lord, Joey MacLardy, Diana Marchione, Shawna Mascarenhas, Marissa Mastrando, Meghan Matsuk, Brittany McCullough, Sam Meyer, Emily Minichino, Carley Moran, Sophie Morris, Starr Nitschke, Chelsea Parker, Brandon Pearce, Kristina Perdicaro, Nick Piotti, Rozalie Rodriguez, Nick Rutter, Nova Scafide, Brett Scull, Felicia Simmons, Anthony Simone, Alyssa Smith, Bryce Smith, Lea Triantafillou, Alyssa Wasniewski, Chris Wilson, Nicole Wood, and Karac Zupko.

Mr. DiCicco, Social Studies Supervisor, congratulates Alexa Rovello on her recent victory at the National Geographic Bee.

National Geographic Bee

For the 24th year, the National Geographic Society has held the National Geography Bee for students in grades 4-8, encompassing thousands of schools across the nation. This year, Alexa Rovello, an eighth grade student, won Gateway's competition. Other contestants included eighth grade students Luke Berenato, Vincent DeFrancesco, Mackell Schultes, and Julie Weikart. From the seventh grade, Connor Boyle, Jackson Freind, Kylie McGovern, Carley Moran, and Vincent Wishart participated. Alexa took a written examination in order to advance to the next level of competition, the New Jersey State Geography Bee, which will be held on March 30. The National Geographic Society will provide an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. for the state champions to participate in the National Geography Bee national championship from May 22-24, moderated by Alex Trebek. The first place national winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship, a trip to the Galapagos Islands, and a lifetime membership in the society.


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